Take Advantage of Massachusett’s & Rhode Island Solar Incentives for Businesses


Massachusetts is annually in the top 10 states for commercial, non-utility scale solar PV capacity with Rhode Island now following closely behind it. Big box retailers such as Target have evaluated the savings, the value of money, and especially the social impact and continued to invest in solar for their sites within these States.

Each commercial solar electric project is unique where site owners have different priorities. Every installation is equally critical in the need to satisfy these goals. While company priorities vary in ways that impact the design and execution of a solar project, there are common objectives set. Some examples are:

  • Reduced operating cost – lowering electricity bills may be the most significant way to reduce overall energy expenses and show a big impact on business cash flow
  • Guaranteed, fixed payments – some purchase and investing options can lock in short and long term power payments and eliminate growing and unpredictable electricity rates
  • Fast returns on investment – whether measuring simple or complex rates of return and future value of money, business owners need a clear estimate of how their capital is working for them
  • Increasing property value – it can be important to quantify the impact of solar PV on real assets
  • Generating media and PR opportunities and fostering good relationships with customers – solar power can add significant social cache

Balancing your preferred priorities with your facility and site conditions is important for long term satisfaction. We will offer you proven options. For some, the highest performing and cutting-edge technology may deliver the best results. For others, established but proven technology at a lower cost can be the best compromise with no additional operational risks.

And just as important as performance and reliability of the systems we install is the financing we can offer. We have aligned solid programs to offer viable strategic financing through industry recognized partners. We can assist in business case preparation and system analysis as needed to justify the most cost-effective financial mechanism to meet your goals.

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