massachusetts-solar-incentives-for-governmentOrganizations and institutions that are funded by and serve the public are increasingly under pressure to show fiscal and moral responsibility. Rising public support for solar energy makes solar a widely accepted, financially responsible means for powering governmental projects such as municipal facilities, schools, universities and others. But it is also a way to provide non-profit institutions a path to energy savings translating to more effective use of capital for the intended goals. A positive impact on cash flow is often most of what is needed.

Even with capital limitations, organizations are not necessarily excluded from the benefits of a solar energy system.

We simply work harder to find the best balance between system design and available financing.

Using our financial experts – who have a reputation for developing appropriate financing plans for solar energy projects – we can help you find the best path to reduced and predictable monthly electricity payments. Options to lock in predictable payments with little or no capital requirement are available. Some are specifically designed for environmentally conscious non-profits and government offices and facilities at all levels. Everything you need to set a worry-free fixed budget can be provided – Click Here to Learn More >>

And for organizations with little or no human resources to manage such projects, we deliver systems that perform with consistency and are monitored 24/7 for maximum output. You should never worry that you cannot meet your predicted and budgeted savings. Once a well-designed project is commissioned and generating power, effective monitoring and expert maintenance provides the assurance that you organization will meet its financial goals throughout the 25 year or longer life of the solar energy system.