Design and Installation

As your partner in prospering from solar energy, we supply you with a turnkey system. It includes services as needed for all compliance with permitting and solar access laws. We work with the appropriate authorities for all interconnection requirements and to ensure code compliance and to arrange and complete inspections.


massachusetts-solar-financing-optionsWe work with financial partners that have a proven and solid track record of providing programs that offer the most viable financing options in the industry. These partners are dedicated to renewable energy and have the ability to provide 100% of the necessary capital. We understand not only the dynamic economics of the solar industry, but also the value of return to your business. For non-profits, we also understand the critical need to improve cash flow where no capital or limited capital is available. Once you determine if your goal is to maximize the value of your money, to have no upfront expenses, or to simply set a fixed lower cost for your power, we offer options:

  • Banking and financing for direct purchase – whether 100% financing or less, we can tie to different partners.
  • Leasing – in order to lock in payments, we can offer leases with a variety of terms from 6 to 10 years, and longer.
  • PPA – Power Purchase Agreements are another way to lock payments with predefined escalations by allowing a third party to essentially become your utility, selling you power

See our Partnership page for more info!

Keeping Tabs on State and Federal Programs

massachusetts-solar-grantsAlthough solar energy costs are now low enough to provide competitive net electricity expenses compared to a Massachusetts utility, incentives and access programs still come and go. We keep an eye on the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (Mass DOER), the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), and all federal activity to make sure our customers understand and have access to all currently active offerings.

When applicable, we offer information and guidance on net metering for your facility. Different utilities have unique requirements and rates in reimbursing you for the metered electricity you generated but did not use at your facility.

We also offer guidance and assist in the management of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC II). As a solar energy producer you will be granted credits for each portion of verified output from your system. Selling or auctioning these credits to utilities to meet their renewable energy obligations can be complicated.

From time to time Solarize programs offer group buying discounts to more than homeowners by including government and non-profit businesses. When participating, we will inform our customers.