Melissa Carey – President and CEO

Melissa oversees all the activities of the business, leading the operations while focusing on long term goals of the company. Melissa previously worked closely with the COO of Healthcare Administrations, gaining her experience in the business world.

Melissa, a mother of three children, began to consider the future of her family and ways she could contribute for a cleaner and more sustainable environment to spend their lives in.  She envisioned a less polluted earth by harnessing the clean power of the natural resources the earth was providing. Shortly after looking into solar for her own home she saw the potential it had to clean up the atmosphere in which we live in. With the state of Massachusetts already offering incentives for solar, she decided to take a leap in the right direction and founded Southern Light Solar in January of 2013.

Melissa, a Massachusetts native, earned her bachelor degree from Stone Hill College in Easton, MA.


Christopher Sheldon – Senior Vice President of Business Development

Christopher focuses on the growth of the business through developing structure and building relationships. He also assists in the planning and carrying out of both short and long term goals of the company. Before working in solar, Christopher spent his entire career in the private sector working in finance, helping to grow a small business, and consulting for small, medium and Fortune 500 companies across the country. He graduated from Syracuse with his Bachelor’s of Science. After working for New York City-based WorldCo Financial Services, he went on to pursue his Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Florida. After completing college, Christopher utilized the skills he amassed in graduate school, as well as in the financial services and consumer goods industries, to work as a consultant for small, medium and Fortune 500 corporations. During his endeavors as a consultant he began to explore the opportunity the solar industry had to offer and ran with the career as the moment arose.

Tiffany Ferreira – Operations Manager

As Operations Manager for Southern Light Solar, Tiffany oversees the operations of the company including system design, equipment procurement and the installation procedures for major residential and commercial projects. Tiffany received two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Mathematics and one in Physics, from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science. Her studies have allowed her to become experienced in working within the renewable energy field and improving the efficiency of Southern Light Solar.