Roof mounted solar arrays are sometimes restricted to the size, shape and material of the roof. Ground mounted systems do no have this limitations and might be the proper choice for your home and commercial solar system.  Ground mounted systems have 4 major subjects to consider: Space, Cost, Positioning, and Aesthetic.

Space for solar panels


Although you do not need a large backyard or wide open field, like the picture, for your installation, a cleared space is needed to support the panels. Since the panels will be situated close to the ground, a large area may need to be cleared of trees and brush so the panels can receive the largest amount of sunlight throughout the day


Ground mounted systems have the tendency to cost little more than rooftop systems. They will require additional materials, time, and labor to be installed. They will, however, produce a steadier flow of solar electricity because they can be positioned in a way to collect the most sunlight throughout the day and, depending on your roof, would generate far more energy for you to use.

ground mounted solar panel cost
Solar panel Direction


Ground mounted solar panels are the only panels that allow you to adjust and tilt as the day goes on. There are some systems that incorporate either a single of a dual axis sun tracking system that will turn panels to follow the sun throughout the day by itself, like a sunflower!


Sitting between a few inches and few feet above the ground (depending on the style and location), ground mounted panels can look odd in your yard. If you have a small yard but a large system, then the panels could stand out more than they would on your roof. When deciding between roof top and ground solar, have a few various locations that would be ideal for the panels to go so they will be able to look the best in the space provided.

Solar ground Mount