How It Works

WE Cover Design and Engineering

WE File for Permits

WE Install the system

YOU get paid

Why Us?

We’re a local company based in New Bedford, Massachusetts and have been doing business in the Southern New England area for over 5 years!

We have a reputation of consistent greatness  and have been doing large scale projects for years including the Megawatt carport project here in New Bedford!

We’re bringing solar to the business of Massachusetts one roof at a time!

  • Space space must be a MINIMUM of 20,000 square feet
  • 20 year lease
  • Lease will be extended or system removed after 20 years
  • Ground space required for electrical equipment
  • Easement required for system access
  • Lease would survive transfer of  building ownership
  • No liens on the property
  • Property tax impact covered by lease
  • Roof care responsibility of building owner

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