solar panel maintenance

Solar panels are virtually maintenance free, providing your business or home with sustainable energy and little to no physical work on your part. A simple rain shower or light spray with your house is the only potential maintenance your panels should need. This would be to remove fallen leaves and dust and pollen accumulation. Being in New England snow may be a concern in those chilly winter months, and you may worry that your panels will not generate any electricity for your home.

As the panels heat up in the sun the snow will melt off the panels and slide off your roof. Snow guards can be installed so the snow will break up while falling from the roof instead of falling in one large sheet. At best, this can labeled as an inconvenience, because roof snow removal is no walk in the park, but because the panels are installed at steeps angles and because of the surface material, snow usually slips right off the panels with no hassle. If you find that your panels are covered in snow, after a day or so those panels will heat up and they won’t be covered for long.

solar panel warranty

Warranties are provided by both the manufacturer and your installer to help safe guard from equipment failure. Manufacturers of the meter, the inverter, and other equipment also come with own respective warranties. A self-sustaining product that rakes in savings for you almost indefinitely and adds value to your home is not treated lightly by the manufacturers, our installers, and all of us here at Southern Light Solar.