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Southern Light SolarGoing Solar - Our Process - Southern Light Solar Going Solar - Our Process - Southern Light Solar

The Process to Go Solar

In Massachusetts the popularity of solar energy technology has driven the installation of over 2.5 GW in solar power capacity. Much of that is rooftop solar placed on homes and businesses. While Rhode Island is catching up, the steps needed to efficiently go solar are mostly the same.

Southern Light Solar is an experienced designer and installer, having refined our process along the way all for the benefit of the buyer. The steps are generally quick and fluid.

Exploring Solar for Your Home? - We're Here to Help!


We Only Need Your Name, Phone
Street Address & Zip Code


We Respond Quickly To Get
The Process Going At Your Pace


We Get Permits, Materials
& Schedule Installation

Installing a Solar Energy System on Your Home - What To Expect


First 2 weeks to approximately a month:

We work with the town and local authorities to get all the needed permits and approvals.

We work with your utility to get permission to hook up to the power grid – the interconnection.

Final 2 weeks to approximately a month:

You are put into the installation queue, ready to go!

You are assigned a project coordinator who will keep you informed every step of the way.

We get the final inspections by the town and the final Permission to Operate from the utility.

You are now making solar power and saving thousands!

Supporting You Throughout the Life of Your System

Southern Light Solar is committed to making sure every customer enjoys both decades of savings as well as years of satisfactory performance from their solar energy investment. The company provides after sales service in two key ways.

First, we include a full and custom owner’s manual that explains what you need to know in easy to understand language. System monitoring is a key part of this. No matter how diligent we we are in selecting quality and reliable solar panels and power components, anything exposed to nature is subject to accidents. Monitoring your system gives us both the ability to determine if there are problems. And it can help us start any troubleshooting process, if needed.

Second, the company provides a workmanship warranty and fully honors all manufacturers warranties on the power generating hardware. Every customer should be confident that their solar energy system is operating by design throughout its lifetime.