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Southern Light SolarSolar Product & Workmanship Warranties - Southern Light Solar Solar Product & Workmanship Warranties - Southern Light Solar

About Our Solar Power Product & Workmanship Warranties

By far the most expensive and important part of a solar energy system is the solar panel itself. Making sure they are producing power by design is, therefore important, too.

A warranty is a measure of the manufacturer’s confidence and willingness to stand behind their product and its performance.

Solar Panel Warranties

Solar panel technology and manufacturing has evolved greatly. Companies that develop and sell these products have thoroughly tested and evaluated the components to verify they meet the solar power production targets and reliability goals.

Like any engineered and high tech product, warranties are offered for a few reasons. With solar panels, they protect your solar investment and reduce risk, giving the buyer the highest confidence in their solar investment. They are a signal to the buyer that manufacturer intends to stand behind the product for the term of the warranty, as much as a few decades.

Solar panel warranties also represent the supplier’s confidence in both the design and the assembly of the product. It represents the company’s conviction the panels will dependably generate solar power from day one and throughout the lifetime of the solar energy system.

Southern Light Solar carefully selects solar panel manufacturers both for their proven history and their warranties. Performance and the quality of the warranty should go hand in hand. A solar panel typically offers two forms of warranties: a performance and equipment guarantee.

Solar Panel Product or Equipment Warranties

Solar panel product warranties cover the integrity of the panel itself and protect you against problems such as manufacturing defects, environmental issues, premature wear and tear, among others.


Solar Panel Performance Warranties

Like all high tech products, solar panel energy efficiency changes over time. Southern Light Solar chooses to look at the net guaranteed results for the 25th year of service. This number should be compared but with caution. It doesn’t represent known values after 25 years of production. It is simply a minimum value a manufacturer will honor after considering testing results and economic factors. Actual results would almost certainly be equal or higher.


Workmanship Warranties

A reputable solar energy installer offers a warranty covering their work partly to give customers peace of mind.

But it may also be a way to assess the company’s confidence and experience in designing and installing solar panels, solar power management components, and the solar racking required for mounting.

The basic ingredients for a credible workmanship warranty include the following:

The design, assembly and installation are all done correctly. With experience a solar installer learns how to most effectively follow manufacturer recommendations and guidelines and we develop our own set of best practices.

Those will include general practices, such as electrical wiring, as well as solar energy specific ones. However, it is not limited only to the solar hardware, because a solar installer is responsible for maintaining roofing integrity including leakfree penetration where they may be used.

The system will perform as expected—without malfunction. A quality installation is needed to ensure overall product performance over the system lifetime. Any defects that may arise will be fixed free of charge.

Southern Light Solar
20 Year Workmanship Warranty