SunPower Commercial Solar Panels are industry rated as the #1 commercial solar panel provider in the U.S. This manufacturer stands behind their product by offering industry-leading warranties.

SunPower X-Series solar panels deliver 44% more power per panel in their lifetime. We select this model to create more power in smaller spaces, with fewer panels. They are ideal for roofs where space is at a premium or where future expansion might be needed.

  • More than 21% efficiency;
  • Designed for projects requiring highest performance in the most demanding conditions;
  • 8–10% more energy per rated watt in the first year. Increases to 21% by year 25

SunPower E-Series solar panels convert 36% more sunlight into electricity than conventional panels. This model also works well in smaller spaces and conditions where fewer panels are the better fit.

  • More than 20% efficiency
  • Designed with residential rooftops in mind
  • 7–9% more energy per rated watt in the first year. Increases to 20% by year 25.

High efficiency panels enable more watts to be installed on the available space. SunPower systems will deliver 45% more energy from
the same space in the first year. After 25 years, the difference will grow to 60% more energy.