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Southern Light SolarSolarEdge Commercial Solar Power Inverters - Southern Light Solar SolarEdge Commercial Solar Power Inverters - Southern Light Solar

SolarEdge for Commercial Solar

blankSolarEdge has been manufacturing and shipping commercial string inverters for over a decade. The California based company is focused on continuous product improvement and designing for integrated functions to make each solar energy system as efficient as possible.

The company targets the solar power conversion products to deliver high solar panel productivity, providing the solar power inverter mated to solar power optimizers. Coupling the two from development to installation is the cornerstone of delivering great performance now and into the future.

SolarEdge commercial solar power inverters teamed with power optimizers provide a high efficiency alternative for most small to medium sized commercial solar energy systems.

DC Optimized – Pairing Solar Inverters and Power Optimizers

SolarEdge’s DC optimized inverters and power optimizers are designed to withstand a variety of environmental conditions. From harsh and snowy winters to hot and humid summers. SolarEdge’s DC optimized inverters have more than 3 billion hours of field operation to prove out this durability. With the combined DC optimized coupling of solar power inverter and optimizers, the SolarEdge solution gives the designer to nearly eliminate power losses caused by solar panel power production variations in a string.

Key benefits and features from this approach include the following:

  • Regaining between 2% and 10% of solar power lost using traditional string inverters.
  • Full tolerance for out-of-the-box variation in solar panel output. While small, it may increase over time.
  • Elimination of panel aging mismatches. As panels survive years of exposure, the output degrades non-uniformly
  • The ability to design an installation with solar panel strings with significantly different panel counts.
  • Provides real-time remote monitoring at the solar module, string, and system level, allowing for greater visibility of system performance.
  • Greater security from integrated DC safety unit with safety switch and optional surge protection.

Enhancing the performance, SolarEdge provides a fully engineering system monitoring package, allowing both the owner and Southern Light Solar a better tool for solar asset management over time. It includes pinpointed and automatic alerts for immediate fault detection, accurate maintenance, and rapid response. The alerts show the specific fault location, fault description, and fault status. Energy thresholds alerts can be set to detect under-performing solar panels. Custom settings available to account for time of day and offset from sunrise to sunset.