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Home Solar Panels – Performance with Value


Designing the best solar energy solutions for Massachusetts and Rhode Island homes needs a slightly different approach than some other regions in the country. Environmental conditions throughout the seasons offer certain challenges. And the available sunlight, while more than sufficient, is different that places of lower latitude or closer to the equator. Seasons change more in New England by comparison, as we all know.

The great majority of homeowners can meet their total electricity needs with a rooftop solar energy system between approximately 7 kW and 12 kW in rated solar power capacity. This is a sweet spot, but it doesn’t mean that one design for any capacity will work for every location.

You may look around your neighborhood and see a number of different size homes, of significantly different styles, and perhaps built years apart. Some may have a simple hip roof. Others may have more complex roofs and gables. Even similarly designed homes may not face the sun in the sky exactly the same way. There are commonly some unique requirements for optimal solar energy production from house to house, even if small.

Home Solar Panels – Product Offering

At Southern Light Solar, we are routinely monitoring manufacturers and technology to stay on top of current solar panel product performance. From time to time, we may add and remove models from our product offering in order to make sure we are offering the best balance between cost and performance. This is how we can satisfy nearly every homeowner’s solar energy needs.

Our Premium Solar Panels


SunPower Solar Panels
SunPower has long been recognized as a premium performance solar panel manufacturer. With semiconductor roots, they have been a solar innovator since 1985. SunPower solar panels consistently deliver more energy and long-term peace of mind with the highest performing solar power systems available.


Panasonic Solar Panels
Panasonic is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer electronics and an increasingly popular choice for U.S. solar installers and homeowners. As a premium solar panel design, the company’s products deliver both high efficiency and high power ratings in each panel. The company focuses on unique solar cell structures and panel designs that better capture light, both to achieve higher efficiencies and higher production.


LG Solar Panels
LG Electronics Inc. is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, in addition to solar panels. The company expertly engineers each step of the total manufacturing process, from raw materials to final solar panel assembly.

Our Standard Solar Panels


Silfab Solar Panels
Silfab is the largest and most advanced manufacturer in North America., with 35 years of experience. The company utilizes precision engineering and automation throughout the full vertical supply chain to produce superior reliability and performance. The all black designs are typically a good choice for aesthetics.