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Solar Power Inverters – Unique Home Needs

As we explained in our Solar Inverters section, a solar power inverter is a vital device needed to maximize solar energy system production. It is also at the heart of providing data for solar power production monitoring and troubleshooting when needed. For Southern Light Solar, finding the best solar inverter is as important as the solar panels. High efficiency panels can be negatively affected by improper power management including solar power inverter selection.

Equally important, there are unique demands placed on solar energy system design for homes. In particular when compared to commercial building construction, there can be a wide variety in architectural styles. Some are very simple, while others may be very complex, including multiple surfaces, angles, and with inclusion of gables, chimneys and other obstructions.


Maximizing Home Solar Energy Production

In order to design and install the most effective and production solar energy systems, Southern Light Solar regularly reviews the latest in solar power technology. We frequently modify our portfolio of solar power inverter products in an effort to find the best fit for the most customers.

In addition to being able to locate and maximize production of solar panels on both simple and complex roofing configurations, we also must make sure that local environmental conditions are included. Addressing minor tree shading and anticipated snow fall requires experience beyond simply locating the panels. Selecting the mating solar power management components is just as critical.

Solar Inverter Manufacturers

To learn more about our current solar power inverter portfolio, visit our solar inverter manufacturers product details below:


Enphase Solar Power Inverters

Enphase Energy is credited by many in the solar industry has having been instrumental in the creation of the use of micro-inverters for solar power generations. The first company to commercialize the micro-inverter, it has shipped more than ten million over the past decade.


SolarEdge Solar Power Inverters

SolarEdge has been manufacturing and shipping string inverters for over a decade. The California based company is focused on continuous product improvement and designing for integrated functions to make each solar energy system as efficient as possible.


SMA Sunny Boy Solar Power Inverters

SMA Solar Technology AG is a German solar energy equipment supplier operating globally. The company has been developing and distributing high-quality solar
power inverters and innovative technology for intelligent energy management for over 30 years.