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How Enphase Micro-Inverter System Works

blankEnphase Energy is credited by many in the solar industry as having been instrumental in the creation of the use of micro-inverters for solar power generators. The first company to commercialize the micro-inverter, it has shipped more than ten million over the past decade.

Design and innovation are at the heart of Enphase success. In addition to having been awarded over 140 patents, the company has continuously improved product capabilities and added new functions to their portfolio. The micro-inverters word seamlessly with a wider array of solar panels and are easier to integrate and install. The company states it goals as providing high quality, with high reliability, while promoting better returns on investment.

Next Generation Products

To make residential and some commercial installations and operations most effective, Enphase bundles monitoring and communications hardware as well software. When combined, these give solar energy system owners real time data and information about solar power production. Such capability is key for tracking the health of a system and can be an invaluable aid in diagnosing the infrequent issues that may arise.

Enphase has just recently introduced its latest series of high performance solar micro-inverters, the IQ Series. These extend the reliability standards set forth by previous generations and undergo over a million hours of power-on testing, enabling Enphase to provide an industry-leading warranty of up to 25 years. In keeping with the company goals, these next generation components include the following features:


Easy To Install Reducing Installation Time

  • Lightweight and simple
  • Designed with improved, lighter two-wire cabling
  • Include built-in rapid shutdown compliance (NEC 2014 & 2017)

More Efficient & Reliable

  • Optimized for high powered solar power modules
  • Highest efficiency of 97.5% (CEC or California Energy Commission rating)
  • Proven through more than a million hours of testing
  • Include a Class II double-insulated enclosure
  • UL listed

Each is Smart Grid Ready

  • Complies with advanced grid support, voltage and frequency ride-through requirements
  • Update remotely to respond to changing grid requirements
  • Configurable for varying grid profiles