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Southern Light SolarSMA Sunny Boy Solar Power Inverters - Southern Light Solar SMA Sunny Boy Solar Power Inverters - Southern Light Solar

SMA Solar Technology AG is a German solar energy equipment supplier operating globally. The company has been developing and distributing high-quality solar power inverters and innovative technology for intelligent energy management for over 30 years.

While global, the company strategy has been to optimize power inverter products to work best in each region, fully meeting the individual testing and certification requirements. That is one reason why SMA Sunny Boy claims to service more solar powered homes across the globe.

blankSMA has evolved the Sunny Boy solar power inverter product line to be both economical and versatile, without any sacrifice in energy production results. To make sure this approach succeeds, the company targets the needs of both the end user and the designer that installs solar energy systems.

Robust design with industry leading application flexibility means Southern Light Solar can more readily integrate Sunny Boy for certain projects

By targeting products for the U.S. and designing in greater application flexibility, the SMA Sunny Boy solar power inverter and associated components give Southern Light Solar a great option when designing a solar solution for a homeowner. Additional corporate priorities such as service response and regional product stocking give an added level of confidence about integrating Sunny Boy products and optimizing solar energy system performance. The combination of solar panel and inverter level technology along with monitoring provide the ability to ensure high first day solar power production and years of reliable service.

Here are some important highlights making Sunny Boy a great choice:

  • New level of flexibility in system design with even greater combination of string designs. This makes the solar power inverter versatile through a greater range of solar energy system design challenges of shading, roofing angles, and others.
  • Uniquely designed SMA power optimizers are devised to operate only as needed and with fewer components, making them longer lasting.
  • Smart and proactive solar inverter monitoring. SMA automatically monitors the inverter to identify events around-the-clock. Both installers and their customers benefit from SMA’s many years of experience diagnosing sophisticated inverter technology.
  • Designed for future expansion. Allows for future battery storage additions and anticipates future smart home control needs.