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Southern Light SolarBackup Power Generators - Southern Light Solar Backup Power Generators - Southern Light Solar

Backup Power Using a Generator

blankFor a homeowner a portable generator of the type used for camping or remote living may be enough to provide backup power in selected emergency situations. But when dependable and automatic backup power is needed, they will be insufficient.

Southern Light Solar offers permanently mounted home generators by Generac. These units run on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, and sit outside just like a central air conditioning unit. A great combination of performance and convenience, the Generac system has been refined and improved for 60 years. The company has become the world’s largest supplier of residential backup generators.

Basic Generator Operation


The residential backup up generator is continuously connect to the house electrical distribution system. It will automatically detect a loss in power and execute the start up and backup process.

The systems can be sized and designed to provide 100% backup for the entire home or provide emergency backup power to pre-selected and wired circuits.

The Benefits of a Backup Generator

Automated standby and backup power provides the owner with trouble-free reserves of electricity whenever there is a grid disruption. Generac models go the extra distance to provide the most reliable performance, including the use of liquid cooled overhead valve engines which are more reliable than air cooled engines. They are designed for one purpose only – to provide fast reacting backup power to a wide variety of home and business needs. The entry level model provides 7.5 kW of capacity and is configured to support 8 home electrical circuits at up to 50 amps of total demand. Throughout the full model range, the benefits include the following:

  • Permanent outside mounting protects the home and occupants from carbon monoxide risks;
  • The generator is rated to respond to a power outage within seconds. Automatically. Even when no one is home;
  • Similar to automotive engines, the generator engine withstands short cycles and long term running alike;
  • Unlike most portable generators, this unit is enclosed to minimize sound and noise as well as to protect it from the elements, including salt and humid air;
  • Remote WiFi based connection and communication for monitoring and troubleshooting;
  • Simple and inexpensive periodic maintenance that can be provided by Southern Light Solar.  Ask us about it…