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A Commercial Solar Power Generation Option with Incentives

A solar carport or canopy is designed and built to provide sizable solar energy production capacity either as an expansion to an existing rooftop system or in place of the same. Unlike traditional ground mounted designs, they are dual purpose, most commonly providing covered car parking as well as hundreds of kilowatts of solar power. Where shade is needed for covered storage or an outside working shed, solar canopies are also a perfect fit.

In high population density states like Massachusetts and Rhode Islands, efficient and economic use of land is important. Because of the dual use benefit, solar canopies are often given unique, preferential advantages with solar incentives.

Solar Canopy Projects

Similar to basic ground mounting of solar arrays, a solar canopy is governed by regulations different from rooftop solar energy installations. Getting the proper reviews and permits may add a little time to the length of the project, which can vary by location. However, the increasing popularity of this mounting style in Massachusetts and Rhode Island make this approval process is well known and relatively smooth. And in Massachusetts, special incentive adders may be available to help offset the additional costs. These incentives are limited and depend on your local utility.

Unlike rooftop solar energy installations, a solar canopy installation will require restricting access to the associated areas and parking locations during staging and during construction. Southern Light Solar has experience and works to minimize disruptions and work closely to coordinate every step of the process.

Solar Canopy & Carport Advantages

Solar canopy and carport designs are engineered for strength and to be long lasting. They must withstand years in the environment, including wind, rain, and snow. In New England, we take snow loading into account to make sure there are decades of reliable, surprise-free service.

Check out this time lapse of a 1 Megawatt system installed on a 20 foot clearance carport at Finicky Pet Foods!

Canopies and carports provide a number of advantages:

  • Extremely efficient use of available real estate;
  • Modular and scalable, canopies are suited for small, local businesses as well as large public locations such as airports or shopping centers;
  • Most are manufactured from aluminum or steel;
  • Available with built in water management and accommodations for snow melts;
  • Many are designed for easiest on site assembly and erection. No welding is required.
  • A wide variety of footings and foundations mean a canopy can be installed on most properties;
  • Steel structures give branding opportunities. Companies and system owners often choose to place the logo in view;
  • Natural location to integrate EV charging stations;
  • Available in short span and long span designs to cover a few or many rows of parking within a single structure;
  • Provides the most visible and appealing display of environmental or clean energy stewardship. Premium parking gets noticed.