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A Popular New Solar Install Option

Solar pergolas are becoming more popular as a way to generate solar power where a rooftop is either unsuitable or insufficient to meet a homeowners or business owners energy needs. Elevating the solar array on a frame gives the project the best of both worlds.

It provides ample solar energy production capacity, provides shaded space protected from the elements like rain or snow, and can be a very attractive way to showcase your solar energy investment.

Design Freedom with Solar Pergolas

Many standard kits and custom designs are available using a wide range of durable materials. From pressure treated wood to aluminum, most are designed to be the best combination of beauty, cost, and functionality. Some carry long warranties that match what is provide by solar panel manufacturers at 25 years.

Pergolas are typically not attached to another building structure, but can be adjacent and appear as a part of the home or business. They can also be isolated to create an entertainment and living environment closer to another popular place such as a pool or lakeside.

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When a Rooftop Isn’t Sufficient

Although installing a properly designed and sized solar energy system on a rooftop is the most cost effective way to go, not every home or property is well-suited. Some of the challenges may include:

  • Excessive shading from trees or other structures, and removing trees may be either too costly or unwanted;
  • Roof design including pitch or obstacles like gables and vents make it unsuitable;
  • Home electricity needs cannot be met exclusively by rooftop mounted solar panels – available roof area is suitable but will not support enough solar panels;
  • Roof materials may aging and the owner chooses to delay necessary repairs;
  • Rooftop solar aesthetics may be unappealing or restricted by local rules;
  • Homeowner or a small to medium business simply wants the advantages of a solar pergola.

Solar Pergola Advantages

Because a solar pergola is simply an elevated ground mounted installation, the design offers most of the freedoms and flexibility that are associated with this mounting.

  • Almost unlimited visual appeal potential. A range of materials, colors, styles, and sizes provide almost every option possible;
  • Because the solar pergola is essentially a mounted solar energy system, all associated costs are subject to solar incentives and tax credits, including being
    excluded from property tax;
  • They open up design and solar energy capacity options. Typically there is more design freedom in locating and sizing a solar energy system on adjacent land
    compared to a rooftop;
  • The living and entertainment environment is not only pleasant but essentially ready for use from day one. Electrical outlets for homeowner use do not
    require any special cabling or conduit.