Solar Panels and Nature

Some of the advantages to installing a solar energy system on a rooftop include providing an added shade or barrier that absorbs direct sunlight and the solar panels ability to shed snow relatively quickly. The shading helps keep interior space cooler. And the faster snow starts to melt and is quickly shed, the faster a system returns to normal solar power production.

However, shedding sheets of snow may cause unacceptable hazards for some homeowners. Depending on roofing design and the corresponding roof pitch, snow melt can be quite different after a solar system is installed. Engineered roofing materials are often designed to increase friction and slow down the snow sheet slipping. Solar panels, on the other hand, are designed with deliberate smooth glass surfaces.

And nature is always taking advantage of every opportunity provided it. Feathered and furry creatures alike may find the comfort of the shaded space underneath solar panels idea for their own protection and home-making. Some perhaps already find your attic accommodating for the same reasons.

Snow Guards & Fences


Many Massachusetts and Rhode Island homes and businesses are equipped with hardware to help contain and minimize falling ice and snow. These guards and fences may need additional backup or added components when a solar energy system is installed. Existing pitch, roofing materials and friction, and random conditions like wind and snowfall amounts factor into decisions about guarding against the avalanche.

Manufacturers also make solar panel specific snow guards. Attaching these snow guards directly to your panels and mounting has zero impact on the appearance while protecting your property from potentially harmful sudden “avalanches”.

Pest Control


Pest deterrents for solar energy systems are designed to make access difficult if not impossible for most birds and rodents. But a good design must not impede airflow, as in the heat of the summer solar panels benefit from any bit of cooling from air circulation.

Most effective pest control solutions are therefore of a mesh design that anchor to your solar panel mounting hardware and prevent easy access. They will not direct contact or pierce the solar panel itself.

Although not required, animal proofing is often chosen because nesting pets create a huge mess, and can cause damage. You can protect wiring systems, solar panels and your roof with the solar panel bird deterrent mesh or kit.