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Southern Light SolarEnphase Rapid Shutdown System - Southern Light Solar Enphase Rapid Shutdown System - Southern Light Solar

Enphase Energy is a leader in solar microinverter design and manufacturing. These products have been developed to meet the earliest Rapid Shutdown requirements in past years.

Because microinverters, by design, fully transform the solar panel DC power output to AC power and optimize the output of each panel this way, by default each device has the disconnect function built in. The steady monitoring of the lines connected to each panel gives the microinverter the ability to immediately detect an AC power issue, including a manual disconnect and a utility fault.

Every IQ Series Enphase microinverter meets the NEC requirements and carries the corresponding UL Certification. Whatever the cause, any loss of acceptable AC voltage at the solar energy system main disconnect results is a compliant shutdown of each microinverter and the isolation of each solar panel.