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Southern Light SolarTigo Solar Rapid Shutdown - Southern Light Solar Tigo Solar Rapid Shutdown - Southern Light Solar

blankTigo is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. The second generation TS4 universal platform was designed for the widest array of solar energy system needs. With a number of power monitoring and power management options, the product line will meet all Massachusetts and Rhode Island rapid shutdown requirements. The TS4 is available as a PV module junction box or as an add-on device for standard PV modules.

These solar panel level monitoring and power control products are designed to mate with different string inverters, giving designers flexibility to engineer the best solutions for each customer. Some of the added features include communication options such as antennas that communicate wirelessly with smart modules and relay data to Tigo’s Cloud Connect Advanced. Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) provides module-level data logging and safety capabilities for an array of smart modules. It also features built-in Wi-Fi and can be commissioned using a free smartphone app for iOS or Android devices.

The products provide enhanced safety compliance through on-site manual or automatic solar panel-level disconnect. The automated response works via the Tigo RSS (Rapid Shutdown System) Transmitter paired with the company’s UL-certified power management solutions. TS4 optimizers are constantly measuring module-level current, voltage, and temperature, making safety hazard detection quick and reliable.

Tigo Power Optimizer Highlights

  • Uses a unique mesh communication architecture that allows each TS4 unit to act as a relay station for signals in a solar array, extending the wireless range of Tigo’s communication up to a 115ft (35m) diameter;
  • Products are available for both newly integrated and retrofitted/add-on PV installations;
  • Remote monitoring and control can be achieved through robust Cloud Connect Advanced communication and state of the art Tigo SMART website portal. Compatible with Android and iOS and Amazon Alexa, owners have full and instantaneous access to production data and can remotely access for maintenance or emergencies.
  • Communications support wired and wireless networks;
  • 25-year warranty on power monitoring and control components;
  • Automatic solar panel module shutdown upon detection of over-voltage or thermal issues.