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Southern Light Solar is reaching out to commercial building with roof tops that they want to put to work. Most business and building owner don’ts have solar high on the their list of priorities, which is more than reasonable. But if you’re a building owner who’s unsure about putting solar on your building, then allow us here at Southern Light Solar to show you how easy it is!

Why Lease?

By leasing you’re getting paid, yearly, to have our solar panels on your roof. You’re getting paid to watch us take care of: design, engineering, permitting, interconnection, installation, and maintenance. You, as a building owner, wont have to lift a finger.

How Does It Work?

You agree to a leasing contract for us to using your roof for our solar panels. After that you’ll receive a yearly payment for your roof. Think of it like we’re renting out an apartment that wasn’t being used for anything else.

How Do I Know If I qualify?

If you have a roof with over 20,000 square feet of space, then you qualify for our leasing program! After that, we’ll take care to make sure your roof is up to code between our experts salesmen and our team of skilled engineers