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Personalized Solar Project Proposals & Follow Through

Southern Light Solar provides personalized solar projects and proposals for all customers interested in solar power solutions for your home or business. We are with our clients every step of the way from consulting, procuring grants and permits, implementing the best solar product lines for your project, optimizing the solar power installation for your property’s requirements and follow through on quality testing and continued maintenance.

SLS Maintains All Material Procurement
for Solar Systems

blankSouthern Light Solar’s experience with solar power component manufacturers is second to none. We constantly keep up with new innovative solar products and strive to offer only the best affordable and reliable solar products on the market. This involves all components of a solar power system from panels, roof racks and mounts, inverters, monitoring systems and battery backup.

SLS takes into account comparisons between solar product vendors, the viability and integrity of our manufacturers, the availability of material specifications for each project and, of course, pricing and quality. You can trust we will only recommend the best solar products for your project based on quality, pricing and requirements for your particular solar power project.

Custom Designed Residential &
Commercial Solar Power Systems

blankSouthern Light Solar’s engineers custom design every residential and commercial solar power project tailoring it specifically to your power requirements, access to optimal direct sunlight and associated battery backup system. Each installation has unique characteristics we have extensive experience with adapting to.

Apart from traditional home or business power installations, we also perform custom solar power applications for solar carports, perimeter lighting, security access, agriculture and farming, remote electrical monitoring systems and much more.  No matter what application you have in mind for taking advantage of solar energy, SLS has the know-how to make it happen.

Professional Solar Project Monitoring
From Start to Finish

blankSouthern Light Solar monitors your solar production and installation process from beginning to end. Our reputation means everything to us!

Thus, we employ extensive quality assurance procedures from the initial consulting, financing and available grant incentives process; the procurement of required components that best fit your solar power requirements; relaying these requirements to our installation and testing team with set best practices for system setup along with strict installation safety standards; and scheduled follow up to ensure that the system continually meets your requirements, remains optimal for your needs and access to quality repair or maintenance services after initial installation.

Financing & Incentive Options Best
Suited for Each Customer

blankThe States of Massachusetts and Rhode Island are one of the nation’s leading proponents for promoting renewable energy. Southern Light Solar is naturally a big proponent of being knowledgeable on every financial advantage available to increase the success of reducing dependence on traditional energy sources.

Apart from a wide range of conventional and State sponsored financing options, there are also a long list of federal and municipal grants and other incentives available to Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents and businesses. The availability of these incentives vary across the States based on your location and what your local municipality may have to offer in this area. The combination of these options go a long way to making solar energy an affordable and beneficial reality for your home or business.